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PET REFINE TECHNOLOGY’s cutting edge chemical recycling technology makes it possible to produce PET from any level of used PET bottles which are mainly manufactured from petroleum-based materials. This recycling technology even allows bottles that contain a high level of impurities so that they are considered difficult to recycle, to be recycled into new, safe and secure PET bottles again and again and again.

Since its establishment in 2008, the company has played a role in the bottle-to-bottle cycle in Japan. We have joined JEPLAN Group since 2018 and have made a fresh start with the goal of complete recycling of used PET bottles as one of the members to realize JEPLAN's vision of “everything back into circulation”.

Because of efforts of consumers, Japan has been successfully collecting used PET bottles. PET REFINE TECHNOLOGY challenge to create a society that used plastic bottles can be continuously used, thereby contribute to the reduction of fossil fuel consumption and carbondioxide emissions, which are considered to be one of the causes of global warming. In order to pass on this world to the next generation for their healthy living, we commit to challenge of realizing the complete recycling of PET bottles.

We would like to thank you for your continued support of PET REFINE TECHNOLOGY's activities.


President and CEO

Daigo Iga

Our Quality and Environmental Policy

Sustainable recycling of all types of PET through our proprietary chemical recycling

■ Create an environment from the Earth’s perspective
Our goal is zero emissions through a step-by-step reduction of waste.

■ Create quality from a social perspective
While complying with the environmental claim "recycled material content ratio of more than 72%", we solve environmental problems faced by society with our proprietary chemical recycling technology and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

■ Create quality from the customer's perspective
Through continuous improvement of our management system and establishment of a recycling-oriented sustainable supply chain, we will grow together with our customers by providing high-quality products and stable supply.

■ Create quality from the perspective of unified Workforce
To achieve our quality policy, we will work proactively to create a sense of fulfillment among all employees participating in the realization of a recycling-oriented society.

ISO 9001 certification: 2015(International Standards for Quality Management Systems)
ISO 14001 certification: 2015(International Standards for Environmental Management Systems)

【Registered Scope】
Manufacture of Chemically Recycled PET Resin Made from Recovered PET Resin

We are now showing the inside of our factory site

Company name
Established in
October 10, 2008
580 million yen(including capital reserve)
Business description
Recycle of used PET bottles using original chemical recycling technology and production of rPET resin
12-2 Ogimachi, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa 210-0867, Japan
By Bus from JR Kawasaki Station:
Ride a bus at bus stop #8 bounded for Mitsui Pier. Get off at pet refine technology mae.

By train using JR Tsurumi Line:
Transfer to the JR Tsurumi Line at Tsurumi Station. Get off Ogimachi Station, and 3 minutes on foot.

By train using JR Nambu Line:
Transfer to the JR Tsurumi Line at Hamakawasaki Station. Get off Ogimachi Station, and 3 minutes on foot.

By car From Tokyo
Five minutes From Hamakasawaki Ramp Exit on K1 Yokohane Route of the Metropolitan Expressway Kanagawa Route.

By car From Yokohama
Ten minutes From Asada Ramp Exit on K1 Yokohane Route of the Metropolitan Expressway Kanagawa Route.

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